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A gas cartridge camping stove

- Oct 26, 2017 -

A gas cartridge camping stove

    The design of most portable gas cartridge stoves is similar to that of many 

pressurized burner stoves,except the fuel tank or cartridge contains a liquefied

gas–typically butane,propane or a mixture of hydrocarbons–that is held under 

pressure.While the gas in the cartridge is in a liquid state when stored under 

pressure,it vaporizes immediately as it leaves the storage bottle (i.e.,without 

priming),arriving at the burner as a gas.The principal advantage of gas cartridge 

stoves is convenience:no priming is required, they are generally maintenance-free

and capable of immediate high heat output,the flame is easily adjusted and they 

are generally considered simpler to operate.There are two basic designs for most

gas cartridge stoves used for camping:the burner assembly is fitted into the top 

of the gas cartridge,which serves as the stove's base,or the stove is free-standing 

and the cartridge is separated from the burner and connected by means of a small

hose or pipe.Single burner propane stoves commonly used in food service have the

gas container integrated into the body of the stove.Butane cartridges are almost 

exclusively manufactured in South Korea with the only exception being one 

manufacturer in Houston,Texas.Butane canisters manufactured in South Korea contain 

butane from Saudi Arabia, while the American manufacturer fills canisters with 

domestic butane.

    Gas cartridges for camping stoves tend to be costly and usually are not 

refillable.Single-use cartridges are considered objectionable by some on 

environmental grounds.They perform poorly in cold weather.Until the advent 

of EN 417-specification Lindal valve cartridges there was little compatibility 

between different makers and systems,and cartridges for older cartridge stoves 

were often unobtainable.Outside of camping,single-burner stoves using cans of 

compressed butane gas are popular for catering and other food service applications.

    Refillable gas bottles are heavier and tend to be used on larger stoves 

intended for car camping or expedition base camps,or residential use (as for


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