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Best picnic gear portable gas stove

- Sep 28, 2017 -

     Would you like to buy a portable gas stove for picnic?

     Our company main product is portable gas stove,with CE approval.We have a wide range of items for portable gas stove.Try it,you will discover wonderful gear.

      Firstly,quality is very good.The stove body can burden 15 kilogram,but body weight is only 1.5 kilogram.Ignition mode is electronic piezo ignition,working with butane gas,pure blue flame,environmental protection.

      Secondly,price is very reasonable.

      Thirdly,we can offer quick response professional services,fast delivery services,OEM services.


      We welcome both new and existing customers to choose our products and hope that they enjoy the greatest popularity in your market by virtue of our competitive price and high quality. Please contact us for further details and we will make prompt replies to your enquiries.

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