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Camping describes

- Nov 08, 2017 -


   Camping describes a range of activities and approaches to 

outdoor accommodation.Survivalist campers set off with as little 

as possible to get by,whereas recreational vehicle travelers 

arrive equipped with their own electricity,heat,and patio furniture.

Camping may be combined with hiking,as in backpacking,and is often

enjoyed in conjunction with other outdoor activities such as 

canoeing,climbing,fishing and hunting.

    There is no universally held definition of what is and what is 

not camping.Fundamentally,it reflects a combination of intent and

the nature of activities involved.A children's summer camp with dining 

hall meals and bunkhouse accommodations may have "camp" in its name 

but fails to reflect the spirit and form of "camping" as it is broadly 

understood.Similarly,a homeless person's lifestyle may involve many 

common camping activities,such as sleeping out and preparing meals 

over a fire,but fails to reflect the elective nature and pursuit of 

spirit rejuvenation that are integral aspect of camping.Likewise, 

cultures with itinerant lifestyles or lack of permanent dwellings 

cannot be said to be "camping",it is just their way of life.

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