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Cooking on portable butane gas stove

- Sep 29, 2017 -

     Do you know cooking with a camping stove is considerably simpler than cooking over a campfire? This is because campfires, unlike camping stoves, produce irregular amounts of heat and are hard to control.

    Portable butane gas stove is the best choice for camping.Four safety protection devices

which make customers’use more safety:

    1.Pressure sensitive safety system.
    2. The cartridge loads mutual lock safety device; The cartridge unable to install, 

if the switch has not turned off.
    3. Avoid pot-stand inversion device. 
    4. Avoid cylinder mismatch device.

Working with butane gas,pure blue flame,environmental protection.Automatic electronic piezo ignition,adjustable heat control. Furnace body craft delicacy, smooth and easy to clean.

Portable butane gas stove is very lightweigh,only 1.5 kilogram,but furnace body can burden 15 kilogram.


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