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Gas Stove Use Tips

- Jun 20, 2017 -

1. When the fuel is slowly consumed by the gas tank, the shortage of firepower can be caused by the pressure drop in the tank, which may be used to warm the air tank or soak the tank in water (only for the split-body furnace).

2. Frequent use of wind shields can make the heat of the fire more concentrated, making cooking faster and more fuel efficient.

3. The use of some accessories such as heat preservation or pot covers can reduce the loss of heat, but also save fuel and cooking time.

4. Frequent use of needles to clean the nozzle of the furnace head, so that it is often the best state, especially in the liquid furnace more easily accumulate residual stains, need to be more frequent cleaning.

5. The use of external stove feet can improve the stability of stoves, but also to save the time to find flat ground to place stoves.

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