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How do we buy butane gas cookers?

- Jan 23, 2018 -

How do we buy butane gas cookers?

There are many kinds of butane gas cookers? in the market, and the authenticity is good or bad. How can we choose the  butane gas cookers? which is economical, safe and reliable? Experts believe that consumers should have some knowledge of  butane gas cookers? 

Steps / methods

  1. the selection of gas cookers should be suitable for local gas sources. Gas can be roughly divided into three categories: liquefied petroleum gas (Y), artificial gas (R) and natural gas (T). The calorific value and gas pressure of these three kinds of gases are different. If the cooker type is inconsistent with the gas, there will be danger. Therefore, cookers with different gas sources shall not be mixed. Before choosing the kitchen range, the type of gas should be divided. 

  2. The packing and marking should be complete. The packing should be marked with the name of the factory, the site of the factory, the model and so on. All of the cookers should have the certificate of qualification and the instructions for use. The side panel of the stove should have a nameplate, and the nameplate is marked with the factory name, model, applicable gas and pressure, heat flow and production date, etc.

  3.  Appropriate heat flow. The heat flow of domestic gas appliances design value is greater, the heating capacity is higher, that is usually the raging fire. Consumers are willing to choose the raging fire stoves, in fact, the size of the heat flow should be matched with the way of cooking and cooking, such as blindly pursuing a hot flow, will greatly reduce the stove thermal efficiency, increase waste gas emissions.

  4. Appearance quality. The stove should be beautiful and generous, press the table handle with hand, without obvious warping; hand hold the kitchen tool two diagonal twisting and back, the stove has no obvious deformation. The panel material should not be used for the use of the iron (using magnet adsorption to distinguish the iron and stainless steel material), the furnace head, fire cover should be processed fine, no obvious burr.  

  5. Air tightness. If the gas tightness of the stove is unqualified, it is a fatal defect. It is the biggest hidden danger of the accident of the stove. The simple test method is as follows: connecting the gas source, closing the knob, using the soap liquid to brush the pipe, body and interface, without gas leakage.

  6. The ignition switch。 Open (ON), close (0FF), small fire position mark accurate, electronic ignition switch pullout, sound crisp powerful, the fire point blue and clear. If the switch is soft and the sound is dull when the switch is ignited, it is inferior. The service life of the qualified ignition switch is more than 6000 times, and the gas tightness of the cock is still qualified. And the inferior igniter is only 2000 times. The qualified product was ignited 10 times continuously, and the number of ignition should not be less than 8 times, and all the fire holes were spread all over in 4 seconds.  

  7. The combustion state of the flame. It is an important embodiment of the burning quality of the stove. After igniting, adjusting the air door can adjust the flame with clear outline and pale blue. No burning phenomenon such as yellow flame, black smoke and tempering can be generated. These phenomena directly affect the thermal efficiency and smoke quality of cookers. Close the small gas source, retain the normal flame 1/3 height of the small flame, still can normal combustion, no fire, no temper.  Shunde Jiaming Gas Appliance Co.,

    Shunde Jiaming Gas Appliance Co., one of the world four poly office address is located in Foshan Chinese modern of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Foshan Leliu Fuchang Industrial Zone, 07 1995 to 05 August in Foshan Industrial and Commercial Bureau incorporated, registered capital of 98 (million), in the development and expansion of the company's 23 years, we always provide good products and technical support, perfect customer service service for customers, our company mainly engaged in production and sales: gas appliance, electric fan, electric cooker, lampblack machine, electric boiling water heater, disinfecting cabinet. We have good products and professional sales and technology team. Currently, there are 50 people in the team. Our company belongs to the Yellow Pages industry of Foshan gas and solar energy appliances factory. If you are interested in our product service, we expect you to leave a message or inquire online.


     ADD:Fulv Industrial Area, Leliu Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China



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