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How to use gas stove more energy saving and environmental protection?

- Jun 20, 2017 -

With the influence of people on kitchen culture, kitchen utensils need to be used more complete, which also brings more convenience to people in cooking, especially for the use of different kinds of gas stoves produced and manufactured by gas stove manufacturers. Not only for people to bring good combustion effect, and the use of convenient, clean, and traditional cooker compared to more energy-saving and environmental protection, gas stove manufacturers in the production of gas stoves will usually be based on the different needs of people design and production, To provide more help for people to use, how to use gas stoves more energy-efficient

1. When people use cookers, it is best to put gas stoves in the shelter, or in the use of the process to increase the wind, to prevent the flames from the bottom of the pot, increase fuel combustion, so that gas and other fuel can not be fully utilized

2. In the cooking or cooking should be prepared before the dishes are fully ready to go to the ignition, so as to prevent the emergence of the phenomenon of hanging fire, affecting the service life of gas stoves, but also should adjust the size of the air inlet, you can fully use gas.

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