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Jiaming portable gas stove

- Dec 06, 2017 -

1.       The Jiaming Butane Stove is a high quality butane burning stove that is great for your home, cottage, boat, RV, camper trailer, pool side, and even emergency situations. This stove contains 8,000 BTU of heat, The piezo-electric lighter eliminates the need for matches to light to stove, providing an extra level of safety and also provides a clean and smooth ignition for the burner. Each 250 gram canister of liquid butane can be used up to 140 minutes. The ignition knob and flame adjuster allows flame adjustment after ignition. Safety Features: Piezo-Electronic lighter – Ignites the burner for a clean and smooth ignition. Gas can port / Gas can cover – Insert finger to pull the hood open to access the butane canister. Pot / pan holder – secures the pot or pan while in use. Ignition knob / Flame adjuster – Ignition unit and flame adjuster knob allows flame adjustment after ignition. Gas leak prevention system Gas lock safety feature – locks the can in place prior to ignition. Cartridge safety quick release. A gas cartridge pressure sensing device will release cartridge in case of over-pressure. System preventing wrong connection of cartridge. Windshield prevents flame blowouts.

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