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Operation of portable gas bbq

- Oct 14, 2017 -

Operation of portable gas bbq Model: BBQ160

1.Once removed from all of the packaging ensure that you remove the grill plate and fit it into the correct position which it is packed. 

2.Once you have fitted the plate into the correct positionlift up the gas canister compartment cover to fit your cartridge. 

3.Visually inspect the canister before you fit it to your cooker, ensure that the nozzle is in good condition and not damaged.

4. lf the canister is damaged in any way, do not attempt to fit it onto your stove.

5. Place the canister into the holder andlocate the nozzle into the regulator. 

6. Now make sure that the cut out on the canisters collarlocates with the valve guide. 

7. Make sure the flame control knob is into the OFF position first.0nce you have your canister in place, slide thelockinglever into the LOCK position. 

8. You can now ignite you're the burner by turning the flame control knob anti clockwise until you hear a click.

9. The clicking sound is the ignition, your burnershould now ignite.

10. You can now regulate yourflame by turning the flame control knob clockwise to make the flame smaller or anti clockwise to make the flame bigger.

11. Turning the control knob clockwise into the OFF position will turn the unit offcompletely.

12. To remove the canister simply turn off the cooker, slide thelockinglever into the unlock positionlift the canister compartment cover and remove the canister.

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