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Precautions for use of gas burners

- Jun 20, 2017 -

1. The furnace head and the gas tank should be stored separately in order to prevent the furnace switch from being accidentally opened and leaking during the march.

2. The use of the furnace head should be timely cleaning, attention do not let water into the pipe and nozzle, or in the cold area easy to freeze.

3. The stove Head is best placed in the special soft cloth bag, this can prevent physical damage and missing parts, especially seals. A strong collision should be avoided during gas tank carrying.

4. Connect the gas tank, the furnace head should not be too tight, before connecting to ensure that the furnace head valve closed. Before ignition should first check whether the interface leakage, ignition should be slow open switch, hear a small leak when the ignition again.

5. Ignition is best carried out outside the tent. In the tent use should pay attention to ventilation, prevent carbon monoxide poisoning!

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