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The basic introduction of cassette furnace

- Jun 20, 2017 -

The card-making furnace refers to the non stationary household kitchenware, hotel supplies and outdoor leisure products which are heated by direct fire with butane gas as the main fuel gas, liquefied gas, etc. The cassette oven is also called a portable butane gas stove; portable barbecue stove, is a kind of kitchenware which has just arisen in recent years, many uses in the family outdoor leisure and the hotel supplies, according to the shape mainly divides into the monocular, the binocular, the miniature and the ultra-thin type and the single and dual-purpose card stove

  • Iron Portable Outdoor Aluminium Camping Stainless Steel Portable Gas Cooker Stove Range
  • Double and Single Burner Portable Gas Stove for Cooking, portable Buatne Double Burner Gas Cooker for Household and Outdoor and Camping Stove
  • Portable Camping Outdoor and Indoor Buatne Gas Barbecue Grill Factory ,gas BBQ Supplier
  • Big Garden Gas BBQ Grill for Family Use for BBQ Party,outdoor Gas BBQ and Gas Barbecue
  • Garden Gas Barbecue Grill
  • Mini Camping Portable BBQ Grill Plate, cooking Grill Plate for Houshold and Hotel

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