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The reason why the card furnace is booming

- Jun 20, 2017 -

The emergence of the card furnace is mainly caused by the following reasons:

1. Gas reasons: When the combustion gas more water or impurities, will make the flame color.

2. Dust reason: When the house has dust or stir-fry the air moisture and oil and gas volume increases, also prone to flourishing.

3. Throttle reason: When the throttle adjustment is not good, also may appear this kind of situation.

5. Pot rack Reason: Because of the pot shelf surface enamel at high temperature heating color redness, because the special material of enamel in the pot rack around will find the flame red, this is the metal ions at high temperature color.

Therefore, the burning of the fire is not a problem in the stove, but because of the above reasons, will not affect the normal use, and will not be harmful to human health.

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