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Trouble shooting of cassette oven

- Jun 20, 2017 -

The normal flame of the cassette is light blue, the Flames Nei clear, the height is about 60mm, the noise is slight, the firepower is exuberant. If the flames are small, the reasons and exclusions are as follows:

1. Burner fire Guey is blocked by dirt, which prevents the mixture of gas from burning and cleans up the fire hole dirt.

2. Nozzle plug, screw down nozzle clean.

3. The inlet and nozzle of the regulator are blocked by rust, which hinders the gas flow in the bottle and replaces the qualified voltage regulator.

4. Copper tube folded flat ventilation is blocked, straighten copper tube or replace copper tube.

5. In addition, gas will be used up, the valve not all open and other reasons should also pay attention to the corresponding measures can be taken to solve.

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