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What are the classifications of gas stoves?

- Jan 22, 2018 -

What are the classifications of gas stoves?

classification of gas stoves

Now go into the supermarket and we'll see a lot of gas cooker, but do you know what gas cooker is in the market now? Today, MISS Li will give you a brief introduction.



1. According to the applicable gas, it can be divided into "artificial gas cookers", "natural gas cookers" and "liquefied petroleum gas cookers".


 2. According to the number of burner heads, it can be divided into single head (single eye) gas stove, double head (double eyes) gas stove and Multi-headed

 (multi eye) gas stove.


3. According to the mode of ignition and control, it can be divided into piezoelectric ceramic gas stove, electric pulse electronic firing gas stove and gas stove with extinguishing device.


4. According to the combustion mode, it can be divided into air gas stove and infrared gas stove, etc.


5.  According to function cent, can be divided into gas oven oven oven oven oven oven and rice cooker.


6.According to the material of the shell, it can be divided into all stainless steel gas stoves and cast iron gas stoves (now the cast iron gas stoves have been phased out).


7.According to the structure form, it can be divided into table type, ground type, embedded (inlaid) gas stove



8.  According to the way of baking, it can be divided into direct, semi direct and indirect gas cooker.

 Do you understand now?




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