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Classification Description Of The Cassette Furnace

- Jun 20, 2017 -

1. Monocular, two eyes

From the classification we can see that this category is mainly by the number of burners of the combustion eye, the market has only monocular and two eyes, monocular and two eyes of the basic structure is actually similar, distinguish between the volume of different and the number of burning eyes

2. Single, dual-use

The distinction between dual-purpose is the difference between the air inlet device on the regulator and the use of a cassette oven only for the installation of butane cylinders, which can be applied to the combustion of domestic liquefied gas, including the function alone.

3. Ordinary type, ultra-thin type, mini

This category is the appearance of the volume of classification, from the literal can be learned that ultra-thin type is the overall height of the shell is lower, mini small size, common type of commonly used in the market of the cassette.

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