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Classification Of Outdoor Stoves

- Jun 20, 2017 -

Gas stoves: Is the most common type of outdoor equipment market, the gas used mainly propane, butane and isopropyl, and ethane because of limited application of containers.

Fuel stoves: There is a simple fuel stove, but also can be both fuel and gas, can even burn alcohol and other liquid fuel of the use of stoves.

Firewood stove: Firewood stove because does not need to carry the fuel, has the important significance for the long-distance crossing.

Solar stove: The absolute environmental protection stove, the weight is not very heavy, but its use needs certain technical support, different sunlight angle must apply different technology, obtains the maximum heat efficiency.

Small electric furnace, electromagnetic stove: outdoor with generators of the use of more cars, ordinary outdoor activities under the conditions of the need for high-power power supply, generally not used.

Barbecue Charcoal Stove: Large weight, fuel consumption, and not environmental protection, generally since the car and RV camping application more, common field camping rarely used.

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