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Development Process Of Gas Stove

- Jun 20, 2017 -

China has not entered the the 1980s, China's gas industry has a relatively backward stage of development. At that time, the city has not started the popularization and promotion of gas. At that time the gas stove products have a simple structure, features a single feature, but also no ignition device, but it is our country's gas stove manufacturers began to rise in the initial stage.

After that, with the reform and opening up, a variety of foreign gas appliances into the Chinese market, gas stove manufacturers have begun to increase, at this time of the gas stove has been further technical reform, so that its durability and reliability have greatly improved.

After the 90 's, China's gas industry has been rapid development, many gas stoves manufacturers introduced advanced foreign combustion equipment development and manufacturing technology, is our country's gas stove has a breakthrough development, today's gas stoves are not only variety, style complete, but also full-featured, high security products. Now gas stove manufacturers are towards automation and intelligent, energy-saving and environmental protection direction to develop gas stoves.

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