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Introduction Of Common Barbecue Stove Types

- Jun 20, 2017 -

Carbon ovens, carbon ovens are currently the most widely used barbecue stove, such as the street to see the kebabs, barbecue squid and so on are using carbon baked, carbon baking has a characteristic is the speed is fast, the heat is even, the majority of the shortcomings are direct open flames and food contact, there are burnt scorched paste and dirty problems, of course, now Korea and Japan also began to popular some health carbon ovens, very practical.

Gas ovens, mainly with natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, coal, etc., mainly used in industrial fast barbecue, this kind of words fast, clean and hygienic, lack of equipment requirements, must be professional, otherwise there is a great safety hazard, of course, gas stove also fly into the ordinary people's homes, of course, to pay attention to indoor ventilation, air baked oxygen consumption is very large, easy to lead to carbon dioxide poisoning.

The electric oven is divided into electric ovens, heating tube grills, infrared electric oven, air frying pan, microwave oven, electromagnetic stove, electric ceramic and so on, this relatively wide point, the oven, microwave oven, air fryer I do not do too much introduction, mainly heating tube electric grill, infrared electric oven, only use the scope is charged environment, indoor.

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