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The Difference Between The Field Gas Stove And The Alcohol Stove

- Jun 20, 2017 -

1. From the weight of the analysis

Gas stove: Need a stove head and an air tank. General furnace head according to 250g calculation, ordinary flat gas tank according to 360g (tank 130g). If you have 2 days of outdoor activities, that is to say, every camp you have to carry 610g of cooking equipment.

Alcohol stove: Alcohol furnace quality is very light, general 135g or so, alcohol in accordance with the amount of personal carry to calculate the weight, generally with 500ml on the almost 2 days, a total of 635g, here does not include the container for the Alcohol stove (mineral water bottle).

2. Price analysis

The price of gas can be more expensive than alcohol. 500ml alcohol is about 10 yuan, the gas tank needs about 15 yuan, and the gas tank needs to go to a special outdoor supplies shop or Taobao to buy, the middle plus freight and so on, buy a gas tank may need 20 yuan or more, alcohol, pharmacies have, from the price, alcohol is more advantageous.

3. From Security and portable analysis

Gas can be on the train, the car is more difficult, not suitable for long-distance carrying, the best way is that you go to the place has outdoor supplies shop, to the local direct purchase, this may cost more money, before I go to martial arts mountain to buy, ordinary pulse fresh flat gas can sell to 20/, the gas can be confiscated on the train, alcohol bottled water bottle is relatively easy to pass security.

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