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The Use Of Common Sense For These Gas Cooker Must Be Understood

- Jan 29, 2018 -

In the daily news, we often see that there are gas leakage, carbon monoxide poisoning and even gas explosion and fire accidents in a certain area. In fact, in addition to some new safety accidents caused by the two renovation and renovation of old buildings, many of them are caused by the fact that we didn't use natural gas cooker properly or purchase inferior products.
In the process of use, it is best to guard against accidents such as spillover or dry burning, such as fire and fire. If this kind of phenomenon occurs, switch off immediately. And open the door and window ventilation, when there is no gas flavor, then re - ignition. If we always smell a peculiar smell, it may be caused by insufficient combustion of natural gas and waste gas spillover. We can properly adjust the cooker throttle and let oxygen and natural gas mix to make natural gas fully burn. Before stopping the use of gas or sleeping, check whether the gas switch is closed or not. It is safer to shut down the total valve on the gas meter, open the kitchen window, and close the kitchen door to the bedroom.
In addition, natural gas gas cooker should be maintained regularly to keep the performance in good condition. For example, the fire cover should be cleaned regularly so as to prevent the dirt from blocking the fire hole and causing the stove to be tempered. If the gas stove is connected with the pipe between the pipe and the pipe, it is necessary to check whether the rubber hose is damaged or not, and whether there is leakage. The service life of the hose is generally 18 months, the best one for one year. Gas meters and stoves shall not be installed in the bedroom or in kitchens equipped with gas facilities, because gas pipelines are full of gas. Once they leak out due to pipeline corrosion, they will cause gas poisoning or even death. In addition, do not pile up sundries and inflammable and explosive materials near the gas range, in order to prevent the occurrence of fire and explosion.

In addition, after natural gas stove used for a period of time, may also encounter many problems, such as the gas stove not fire, gas stove ignition, flame soon extinguished; normal combustion of natural gas should be used in blue, often occurs when the flame is red, sometimes there will be pan blackened phenomenon; extension or extension of the fire cover out of fire, the flame is small; when open the switch have no gas phenomenon. There are many factors that lead to these problems. First, consult the customers or installer of gas cooker, and deal with them according to their way of teaching. If there is still difficulty, we must find brand professional maintenance personnel to carry out investigation and maintenance.

In addition, we need to pay attention to the fact that there are many counterfeit and inferior products on the market now, please keep away from them.

Local industrial and commercial departments often inspect household gas cookers, but almost every time unqualified products can be found. According to the survey, the main problems of these substandard commodities include the concentration of carbon monoxide in dry flue gas, the structure of gas conduit and extinguishing protection device and so on. These problems are no trivial matter. Excessive inhalation of carbon monoxide in the human body may lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and even death. Gas conduit is not qualified, it is easy to cause gas leakage, which leads to safety accidents such as fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. Flameout protection device does not pass, once the fire normal combustion of the home was spilled soup or extinguished by the wind, is likely to cause explosion due to gas leakage.

At present, there are more than 1000 kinds of gas cooker in various brands and types on the market, the quality is uneven, the price is not the same, consumers are often at a loss, so it is difficult to identify the safety performance. How can we avoid the trick? To analyze the unqualified products, we can see that the gas cookers which are found to be more safety problems in the sampling inspection are basically small brands, low price products, and some counterfeit or Shanzhai brand gas cookers. In order to lower the cost, the manufacturers can save on the consumables, and at the same time, the technology can not keep up. The quality of the gas cooker is not qualified, and the design process is unreasonable. To prevent in the bud, consumers should choose large brand, more comprehensive safety performance gas stove.

People often say, learn from. However, some workers still do not eat as well. I am afraid it is too late to buy a natural gas stove at a cheap price, or if it does not comply with the operation code. Therefore, the selection and use of natural gas gas cooker must be put in the first place to strengthen the awareness of risk prevention.

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