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What Do Gas Cooker Always Do Without Fire? Just Move On, I Don't Find The Master.

- Jan 31, 2018 -

1. gas cooker does not catch fire

When you meet a gas cooker, if it doesn't catch fire, if the pulse igniter is used, it may be because the battery is not available. Only by replacing batteries, can it solve this problem. It may also be because the direction of the ignition needle is skewed, and only when the ignition is directed to the outlet of the lid. It may also be that the lid of the inside fireworks is far away, just when the lid on the inside of the fireworks is only needed. It may be because the ignition needle internal rust can cause ignition, then only need to expose the metal iron sheet and the inner fire contact, it's easy to make a fire.

2.the flame of gas cooker can not be lasting

When you meet the flame of the gas range can not be sustained, first check the gas stove the batteries are charged, and then check the rotary rotary switch is in place, if the above two points are not a problem, it may be the following reasons: damper lead to too much oxygen, gas stove pulse damaged. If the door is a problem, you just need to adjust the door. If the pulse is damaged, the professional should be asked to repair it.

3.There is a red flame in the gas stove

The gas stove has a red flame, which is probably due to the lack of full combustion. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the gas range to change the amount of oxygen into the gas range. It is possible to solve the problem by removing foreign objects only because of the fire cover or the foreign object on the nozzle.

4. The taste of natural gas is heavy

If you smell strong natural smell when cooking, the first thing to check is whether the natural gas pipeline is loose or leaking. If the pipeline leak, it is necessary to replace the pipeline.

5. There is yellow flame and black smoke in gas cooker

The situation of yellow flame and black smoke appears during the use of gas cooker. It is probably because the fire holes are short and the spray assembly is blocked. At this time, only a firearm and spray unit is needed.

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